Pay your own fees Earn money online as student Earn upto 50k – 100k per month

Earn Money Online As Students

Hello buddies, so the topic of today’s Blog will be a little uneven and unusual but this in Trust can impact the lives of many students because, in this entire post, I will tell how you People can self-employ themselves. Which skills are very important for you to acquire? Whatever age you are in, whether you are in class 10th, 11th, or 12th, if you acquire these skills from now onwards then you will be at ease. You can earn from Rs 50k to Rs 100k  per month

So read this article carefully because obviously, you would not always want to be dependent on your parents for your expenses. If you earn your own money then you will be able to financially express yourself without any investment or much effort. You guys can earn a very good amount of money and I know many of my friends who are in the age group of 20, 21, and 22 and are earning a lot and you guys can say that by making deals worth lakhs. i.e. you are easily earning Rs 20 lakh annually, then I will tell you some tricks and will give you tips on which you all have to work from now onwards.


In today’s time, all of you must have heard about AI and you must know that AI is doing something in every field and many jobs are slowly being eaten up by AI but behind that also you people know that to operate AI, some people are needed who can operate it and extract output from it. You people also have to do the same thing, you people have to do something. I will tell you about such AI tools in which you have to become a master, you have to acquire its skills and trust me, AI is the future,  if you acquire AI skills within yourself, then you can easily earn lakhs. Which  AI ​​tools that you all need to understand and acquire their skills?

A very new AI in the market is going to be introduced and its trailer has already been introduced which is Sora AI. In this, you can convert text to video.  In this field All the people who used to shoot videos and make films and do other work, their jobs will now be in danger because just by writing one sentence and your video will be ready this is very dangerous. But Shortly, it will be introduced in the market in a good way, so its skills will be in great demand in the market, as soon as this AI is introduced, you people will have to acquire its skills.

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Second, you people have Chat GPT, many courses of Chat GPT are available in the market right now and many people are earning very well by using Chat GPT, it does not take much time to learn GPT. This has happened, so its scope is not over yet, if you master all the courses on YouTube within six months or one year, you will earn well and you can also earn very well from chat GPT because you people have to give input, whatever work you have to get done, if you become a promoted engineer then his salary is very high.
  •  2D And 3D Animation 
So the next topic of the Earn Money series is your 2D and 3D animation course. If you learn 2D 3D animation from now, then within 6 months to 1 year you will get many such courses on YouTube which you will get. They will be teaching this course and trust me, this is a field in which you can easily earn 1 lakh to 2 lacks and how much time do you have to give, you people will have to acquire the skill from 6 months to one year. And you people will get a lot of material on YouTube to learn animation. And whatever happens in today’s time, our videos and lectures which are animated, you can see how much we have learned through animated lectures. You are taking views and how much you can earn, so you all have to do the same and enter this field of 2D and 3D animation and acquire knowledge.